The Recruiting Pod was designed and built for it's clients needs! The Recruiting Pod Founders listened to market intelligence in the staffing world and the individual market needs of each individual industry to develop The Recruiting Pod. The Recruiting Pod success comes from building customized industry specific PODs to micro each and every industry staffing need.

The Recruiting Pod is the most forward-thinking, global, and customizable staffing firm assembled.

What is The Recruiting Pod?

The Recruiting Pod are POD's of industry specific recruiting experts working for your specific needs and wants!

That is right customized PODS to fit your industry specific needs.

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For Example - In Healthcare

We have 100's of healthcare recruiters in many different POD's. One healthcare POD may be for sourcing travel nurses, another healthcare POD will be doing something totally different sourcing for HIT-Epic Roles., another healthcare POD sourcing for EVS, Food, Transporter and Patient Access Reps.

The Recruiting Pod name itself has so many relatable meanings to us all in the staffing world.

What does The Recruiting Pod mean to you?

  • POD - Positions On Demand
  • POD - People On Demand
  • POD - Places On Demand
  • POD - Partnership On Demand
  • POD - Performance On Demand

Whatever, Whoever, Whenever and Wherever your staffing needs are... The Recruiting Pod is ON DEMAND excellence.